If there is one thing that really depresses me it's having no beer. I really hate having
less alcohol in my system than the Pope. That cunt at least gets his communal wine
and them funny little wafer things that look like Disco crisps (the cheese and onion ones).

I've had no beer (actually cider, hence the image) for a little over 2 days now. I'm grumpy,
ill mannered and down right fucking pissed off that I haven't imbibed my favourite tipple.

Some of you may see me as an alcoholic bastard and you'd be right. Frankly, I couldn't
give a flying fuck what you think. If any of you bastards are reading this now and you're
drunk, I hope you die horribly in a big, nasty crash involving a hippopotamus, a donkey and a train.

If you're drunk now, you are a CUNT.

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