A street walker has been found dead in the toilets in Maccy Ds. The unfortunate whore
was found early on Sunday morning, spreadeagled with a McChicken sandwich stuffed
right up her twat.

Selma Fuckmeintheass had been a prozzy for 5 years and had numerous run-ins with
the police during her extensive '5 for anal' career.

A representative for McDonalds was heard to utter to a BBC reporter "This will not be
good for business. McChicken sandwiches are already a poor seller due to the fact that
our chefs wipe their arses on every sesame seed bun. Surely she could have had the
decency to have a Triple McBaconburger lodged so far up her cunt that you could have
added a fishy flavouring to the menu. Is this being recorded?"

The 9-year-old will be buried in a very wide coffin next Tuesday.

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