TV Listings

6am BBC Breakfast TV
Frank Bough killed live on air by Bengal tiger.
2pm Random Regional Programming
A random regional programme, not from your region and not in your language.
9.30am School TV
Relentless debauchery as paedos gain control of video recorder during Community Service punishment.
3pm Film - Fletch gets Felched
Chevy Chase stars in this hilarious hardcore porn movie with all the hardcore removed due to its timeslot.
12pm Rainbow
Bungle fucks Geoffrey up the arse, Zippy licks Georges twat, Rod & Freddy doubleteam Jane and cum on her tits.
3.07pm Darkness Falls
Melodrama set in 3300BC.
Today Rajihara defies Pharoah Bpt by eating a stick of celery.
12.30pm Bargain Hunt
Daft fuckers with no prospects pretend to buy antiques when actually its the experts choosing everything.
3.47pm Adverts
Kitchen roll, Razors, Cameras, Cars, Sponges, Dildos, Feminine hygeine products (fanny plugs), Pencil cases, Numerous loans & mortgages and lots of magazines with "free" gifts that will have mindless unwashed types that normally watch Countdown spending 600 over the course of two years to complete a cardboard fucking boat or collection of WWII sand particles.
1pm News
Current affairs program presented by naked Pygmies.
5pm Cartoons
Bugs Bunny.
Frank Fox.
Mike the Bike.
Spunkbob Spunkpants.
1.30pm Neighbours
Charlene dies.
6pm - 6am Testcard
Dumb whore playing Noughts & Crosses with pervert clown.